About This Project

Aqua Shop indoor surfing retail promo video. For this video, Aqua Shop wanted us to highlight all of the awesome features available at their Willowbend Mall location. They have the only indoor FlowRider in Dallas, TX, the largest selections of longboards, and awesome games & blow up attractions for kids parties.  For this shoot, Lokal Media House managed every aspect of the production; starting with the idea, storyboard, script,  production,  post-production, + animated logo and voice over.


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Aqua Shop Flowrider Retail Promo Video

Aqua Shop Flowrider Retail Promo Video

About Aqua Shop:

Founded in 2012, Aqua Shop is the first “Flow House” to bring FlowRiding to the masses. In the past, Flowriders were treated as a stage for professionals to showcase their skills and entertain a crowd. Although this was great for a venue’s food and beverage sales. Flowboarding is our passion and decided to take our mission to spread the love, we’re making it a different approach!

Offering the first indoor Flowrider, Aqua Shop opened the Flow’ to anyone and everyone interested in learning the sport. We quickly found that by doing this, we were growing right along with the sport. At first, our instructors started to compete, making a name for themselves and our shop. Soon after, our customers began to join our pursuit for glory. Professionals like Nick SP, Sean Silveira, Scott Callens and Zack Lenz all got their start at Aqua Shop. Nowadays, it’s not unlikely to find yourself riding with a world champion. Flowriding is a family, and we take care of our own. If you’re new to the sport, let us show you the ropes, and take you to the top with us!